Automatic Fold and Tumble Feature

The transmission must be in P (Park) for this feature to work.


Automatically folding and tumbling the seat when someone is sitting in the seat, could cause injury to the person sitting there. Always make sure there is no one sitting in the seat before pressing the automatic seat release button.

Folding and Tumbling the Second Row Seat from the Third Row Seat or Outside the Vehicle


Using the third row seating position while the second row is folded, or folded and tumbled, could cause injury in a sudden stop or crash. Be sure to return the seat to the passenger seating position. Push and pull on the seat to make sure it is locked into place.

To fold and tumble the seat from the third row seat, if equipped:

1. Make sure that there is nothing under, in front of, or on the seat.

Notice: Folding a rear seat with the safety belts still fastened may cause damage to the seat or the safety belts. Always unbuckle the safety belts and return them to their normal stowed position before folding a rear seat.

Driver Side Rear Panel Button Shown

Driver Side Rear Panel Button Shown

2. Press the automatic seat release button on the panel behind the rear doors.

The seatback automatically folds flat and the seat tumbles forward. There will be a slight delay between the folding of the seatback and the tumbling of the seat.

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