Vehicle Information Menu Items

scroll through the following menu items: (Vehicle Information): Press to scroll through the following menu items:

Oil Life

Press the vehicle information button until OIL LIFE REMAINING displays. This display shows an estimate of the oil's remaining useful life. If you see 99% OIL LIFE REMAINING on the display, that means 99% of the current oil life remains. The engine oil life system will alert you to change the oil on a schedule consistent with your driving conditions.

When the remaining oil life is low, the CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON message will appear on the display. See “CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON” under Engine Oil Messages  . You should change the oil as soon as you can. See Engine Oil  . In addition to the engine oil life system monitoring the oil life, additional maintenance is recommended in the Maintenance Schedule in this manual. See Maintenance Schedule   for more information.

Remember, you must reset the OIL LIFE display yourself after each oil change. It will not reset itself. Also, be careful not to reset the OIL LIFE display accidentally at any time other than when the oil has just been changed. It cannot be reset accurately until the next oil change. To reset the engine oil life system, see Engine Oil Life System  .

Side Blind Zone Alert

If your vehicle has the Side Blind Zone Alert (SBZA) system, this display allows the system to be turned on or off. Once in this display, press the set/reset button to select between ON or OFF. If you choose ON, the system will be turned on. If you choose OFF, the system will be turned off. When the SBZA system is turned off, the DIC will display the SIDE BLIND ZONE ALERT SYSTEM OFF message as a reminder that the system has been turned off. See Object Detection System Messages   and Side Blind Zone Alert (SBZA)   for more information.


Press the vehicle information button until UNITS displays. This display allows you to select between metric or English units of measurement. Once in this display, press the set/reset button to select between ENGLISH or METRIC units. All of the vehicle information will then be displayed in the unit of measurement selected.

Tire Pressure

On vehicles with the Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS), the pressure for each tire can be viewed in the DIC. The tire pressure will be shown in either pounds kilopascals (kPa) or per square inch (psi). Press the vehicle information button until the DIC displays FRONT TIRES kPa (PSI) LEFT ## RIGHT ##. Press the vehicle information button again until the DIC displays REAR TIRES kPa (PSI) LEFT ## RIGHT ##.

If a low tire pressure condition is detected by the system while driving, a message advising you to add air to a specific tire will appear in the display. See Tire Pressure   and Tire Messages   for more information.

If the tire pressure display shows dashes instead of a value, there may be a problem with your vehicle. If this consistently occurs, see your dealer for service.

Battery Voltage

This display shows the current battery voltage. If the voltage is in the normal range, the value will display. For example, the display may read BATTERY VOLTAGE 13 VOLTS. If the voltage is low, the display will show LOW. If the voltage is high, the display will show HIGH. Your vehicle's charging system regulates voltage based on the state of the battery. The battery voltage may fluctuate when viewing this information on the DIC. This is normal. See Charging System Light   for more information. If there is a problem with the battery charging system, the DIC will display a message. See Battery Voltage and Charging Messages  .

Oil Pressure

This display will show the oil pressure in either pounds kilopascals (kPa) or per square inch (psi).

Compass Zone Setting

This display allows for setting the compass zone. See Compass   for more information.

Compass Recalibration

This display allows for calibrating the compass. See Compass   for more information.

Blank Display

This display shows no information.

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