Cargo Management System (Wagon Only)

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Press the bottom of the load floor

Press the bottom of the load floor handle assembly to lift the top on the handle. Pull up on the handle to open the cargo management system.

The cover can be opened to two

The cover can be opened to two positions to allow access to the storage area.

Some items may be stored in the cargo area when the cover is closed.

D-Ring Sliders

There are four D-Ring sliders that move along rails on both sides of the cargo management area.

These can be used as tie-downs when storing cargo.

Installing D-Ring Sliders

To install the D-Ring slider (A),

To install the D-Ring slider (A), insert it into the channel (B) located in the middle of each rail.

The loop of the D-Ring slider must

The loop of the D-Ring slider must be facing inward toward the storage area and the ring must be in the up position for proper usage.

Push the button to move the D-Ring slider. The rings can be locked into various positions along the rail.

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