License Plate Lamp

To replace one of these bulbs:

1. Open the liftgate. See Liftgate for more information.

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Passenger Side Shown, Driver Side Similar

2. Push the left end of the lamp assembly towards the right.
3. Turn the lamp assembly down to remove from liftgate.


A. Bulb Socket
B. Bulb
C. Lamp Assembly

4. Turn the bulb socket (A) counterclockwise to remove from lamp assembly (C).
5. Pull the bulb (B) straight out of the bulb socket.
6. Push the replacement bulb straight into the bulb socket and turn the bulb socket clockwise to install into lamp assembly.
7. Turn the lamp assembly into the liftgate engaging the clip side first.
8. Push on the lamp side opposite the clip until the lamp assembly snaps into place.

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