Satellite Radio

XMЩ is a satellite radio service that is based in the 48 contiguous United States and 10 Canadian provinces. XM Satellite Radio has a wide variety of programming and commercial-free music, coast-to-coast, and in digital-quality sound. A service fee is required to receive the XM service. If the service needs to be reactivated, the radio will display УNo Subscription Please Renew on channel XM1.Ф For more information, contact XM at or call 1-800-929-2100 in the U.S. and or call 1-877-438-9677 in Canada.

When XM is active, the channel name and number, song title, and artist displays on the screen.

XMЩ Radio Messages

XL (Explicit Language

Channels): XL on the radio display, after the channel name, indicates content with explicit language. These channels, or any others, can be blocked at a customer's request by calling 1-800-929-2100.

XM Updating: The encryption code in the receiver is being updated and no action is required.

No XM signal: The vehicle is in a location that is blocking the XM signal. When the vehicle is moved into an open area, the signal should return.

Loading XM: The audio system is processing audio and text data received. No action is needed.

Channel Off Air: This channel is not currently in service.

Channel Unauth: This channel is blocked or cannot be received with your XM Subscription package.

Channel Unavail: This previously assigned channel is no longer assigned.

No Artist Info: No artist information is available. The system is working properly.

No Title Info: No song title information is available. The system is working properly.

No CAT Info: No category information is available. The system is working properly.

CAT Not Found: There are no channels available for the selected category. The system is working properly.

No Information: No text or informational messages are available. The system is working properly.

XM Theftlocked: The XM receiver may have previously been in another vehicle. For security purposes, XM receivers cannot be swapped between vehicles. If this message is received after having your vehicle serviced, check with your dealer.

XM Radio ID: If tuned to channel 0, this message will alternate with the XM Radio eight digit radio ID label. This label is needed to activate the service.

Unknown: If this message is received when tuned to channel 0, there may be a receiver fault. Consult with your dealer. Check XM Receiver: If this message does not clear within a short period of time, the receiver may have a fault. Consult with your dealer.

No Subscription Please Renew: The XM subscription needs to be reactivated. Contact XM at or call 1-800-929-2100.

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