Daytime Running Lamp (DRL) (Uplevel)

Cadillac SRX / Cadillac SRX Owners Manual / Vehicle Care / Bulb Replacement / Headlamps / Daytime Running Lamp (DRL) (Uplevel)


1. From the back side of the headlamp assembly, remove the bottom cap to replace the DRL bulb.
2. Disconnect electrical connector.
3. Remove the DRL bulb socket from the headlamp assembly.
4. Replace the bulb in the bulb socket.
5. Install the bulb socket in the headlamp assembly.
6. Connect the electrical connector.
7. Install the cap with the down arrow pointing down in the back of the headlamp assembly.
8. For driver side, reinstall the underhood electrical center cover by latching three clips.
9. For passenger side, reinstall the air filter/cleaner assembly base by pushing to seat.

Verify the base is seated securely, then install the engine air filter/cleaner assembly.

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