Returning the Third Row Seat from a Tumbled Position

To return the seat to the normal seating position:

1. Open the liftgate to access the controls for the seat.

2. Make sure there is nothing that could become trapped under the seat.

3. Release the seat from the tumbled position by lifting lever “2” next to the carrying handle at the bottom rear of the seat.

4. Pull the seat down until it latches to the floor. The seatback cannot be raised to the upright position unless the seat is latched to the floor.

5. Raise the seatback to the upright position.


If either seatback is not locked, it could move forward in a sudden stop or crash. That could cause injury to the person sitting there. Always push and pull on the seatbacks to be sure they are locked.

6. Push and pull on the seatback to make sure it is locked.

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