Recording from Audio Discs

REC (Record): Press to start recording tracks from the disc while it is playing. The radio has the option to record the current track playing or all tracks from the CD.

Press the softkey under the desired record option.

The last radio station that was on begins playing and a status bar appears on the top of the display when the recording process starts.

The status bar disappears when the process has ended. The recorded songs are now available.

CopyProtected CD(s)

Make sure the disc is not copy protected. The radio does not copy a copy-protected CD to the HDD.

Deleting a Recorded Song or Category

DEL (Delete): Press the DEL button to delete the track currently playing or select a track from one of the song lists.

To delete an entire category, select a category and press DEL.

Stopping the Recording

While recording from the audio CD, press the REC button to display the stop recording option. Press the softkey under this option to confirm the selection.

Ejecting a CD or Turning Off the Vehicle While Recording

If the CD is ejected or the vehicle is turned off before the recording process has completed, tracks that have been completely recorded are stored to the HDD. Incomplete tracks are discarded.

Re-recording Audio CDs

If a CD has already been recorded, the radio system will not record the contents again. If a partially recorded CD is selected for recording, only those songs that are not already on the HDD will be recorded.

Audio CD Song, Artist, Album, and Genre Information

Radios with HDD contain a Gracenote Database that the radio uses to determine the song, artist, album, and genre information.

The Gracenote Database allows the radio to record an audio CD to the HDD and store the content using song, artist, album, and genre information.

Newly released audio CDs as well as some less common audio CDs may not be found in the Gracenote Database stored on the HDD.

If these audio CDs contain CD-text, the radio will use the CD-text information when recording the content to the HDD. If an audio CD is not found in the Gracenote Database and it does not have CD-text information, the radio will record the audio CD with all song, artist, album and genre names as NO INFO. Songs recorded with NO INFO to the HDD will be hard to sort, identify, and select. To make HDD navigation easier, CDs with NO INFO can first be converted to MP3 format with Tag information on a home computer and then recorded to the HDD from an MP3 disc or USB device.

Occasionally, the radio may find more than one match in the Gracenote Database for an audio CD that has been recorded. If this happens, the radio will display MultiHit for the name information when the songs are selected from the HDD. With a MultiHit song playing, press the button below the EDIT tab to bring up the list of multiple names found in the Gracenote Database. Use the MENU/SELECT knob to highlight and select the correct name for the MultiHit recorded CD.

The Gracenote Database stored on the HDD can be updated so that it includes name information for more recently released audio CDs. See your dealer for more information on Gracenote Database updates for the HDD radio.

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