AM-FM Radio

Notice: Before adding any sound equipment to the vehicle, such as an audio system, CD player, CB radio, mobile telephone, or two-way radio, make sure that it can be added by checking with your dealer. Also, check federal rules covering mobile radio and telephone units. If sound equipment can be added, it is very important to do it properly. Added sound equipment can interfere with the operation of the vehicle's engine, radio, or other systems, and even damage them. The vehicle's systems can interfere with the operation of sound equipment that has been added.

Notice: The chime signals related to safety belts, parking brake, and other functions of the vehicle operate through the navigation system. If that equipment is replaced or additional equipment is added to the vehicle, the chimes may not work. Make sure that replacement or additional equipment is compatible with the vehicle before installing it. See Accessories and Modifications in the vehicle's owner manual.

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